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Travelling with Rooey - the Patron Saint of Grandchildren 

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My Background

My name is Bill Fischer and gap years weren't invented when I left school, chasing the career was the focus. After spending 30 of those 40 career years riding my bike to work, I've ditched the road bike for an adventure bike. The rest of my life is my Gap Year.


Who's Rooey

Travelling for the sake of travelling is not my goal, I want my trips to have a purpose. Rooey helps meet that purpose.

1 - To help create awareness for Maddie Riewoldt's Vision. 

2 - To ensure my grandson grows up being a St Kilda fan.


Books for sale

I write two books after each trip, one is for my grandson and highlights the Amazing Adventures of Rooey. Rooey writes it and appears in every photo and my grandson has to find him. The other book is for grownups and tells the stories of my trips in both script and photos. Both books are for sale and the proceeds are donated to Maddie Riewoldt's Vision.

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My Kimberley Trip - 2018

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